Wooden Teaching Models
German, ca 1920
16 pieces
H 5 – 21 cm, W 4 – 22 cm, D 5 – 31 cm

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Despite their visual appearance the pieces present are not enlarged metallic components but educational models, carved from wood and painted in such a naturalistic manner that they are able to deceive the viewer.
However, if touched, the actual materiality is quickly revealed - as well as their pedagogical value: As three-dimensional, greatly enlarged teaching models, they show the structure and function of small ironware in an easily understandable way. They are able to make visually and haptically comprehensible what is difficult to show in drawings or the much smaller original components.
Historical models like the one present are sometimes still used at schools and universities due to their unique illustrative qualities. Furthermore, today they are also collected as a material testimony to historical teaching culture and captivate with their aesthetics, feel and charisma.

Published in: Raum für Objekte - Ariane Laue Kunsthandel, Kat. V - Nr. 7, München 2017