talking about impulse and inspiration ...

The original gallery called “Kunsthandlung J. G. Laue” was founded in 1970 within the Munich museum quarter and soon became the port of call for a lively trade in European art and antiques.
The never-ending impulse and passion have continued now under the guidance of the next generation:

Ariane Laue Kunsthandel – Raum für Objekte.

Movement and change prevail here; objects come and go, find their place and leave behind vestiges and emotions – acquisition and sale with expertise and experience, art trade at the pulse of time. The power of silent communication between space and object keeps invigorating this every-day cycle in an innovative and unique way. Raum für Objekte is constantly changing by the regular presentation of new exhibitions and conceptual catalogues. Always in focus: the object and its impact on space.

While searching and finding, the following themes traverse the space:

  • Modells + Science
  • Sculpture + Body
  • Life + Devotion
  • Architecture + Construction
  • Material + Form
  • Library + Space

Ariane Laue Kunsthandel presents a collection of European works of art over the centuries – characterised by a fascination with aesthetics and architecture, history and the contemporary, art and science.
Mannequins are of special interest: movable figures that were used in the studios for mise-en-scène, design and practice. Another focus is on historical, architectural and teaching models. All objects have their individual formal language; they are unique and expressive; they work on their own whether originally functional or purely aesthetic. They shape, characterise and enliven their surroundings – objects within space for the space.

The website – a digital space – provides an insight.
It serves for the presentation of new objects as well as for the conscious documentation of selected pieces that already found their way into a new collection. Out of complete conviction Ariane Laue opens her door to new and individual sights and invites you to discover, enjoy and collect.

The driving force always is and will be the familiar feeling of continuous inspiration.