Model of a Table
Italy, ca 1600
H 17 cm, W 35 cm, D 23 cm

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This striking late 16th or early 17th miniature table is shaped like the popular large Renaissance trestle tables of italian origin. The plain table top is mounted on hand-carved trestle-ends decorated with volutes and lion paws, these ends are connected by two cross beams.
Both trestles are shaped and decorated similar to full-sized tables. Sometimes pieces of miniature furniture show carved designs that are created to flatter their small size but aren’t suitable for magnification, in contrast this one is well-proportioned and could easily be changed in scale. However, in comparison to the surviving full-sized tables the table top appears to be rather short, the emphasis lies clearly on the carved trestles.
The model was built mostly the same way full-sized tables were, the cross-beams are inserted through openings at the trestle ends and fastened by wedges, hand-forged nails hold the table top in position. According to Georg Himmelheber, a renowned expert, miniature tables are very rare -  their purpose is still unknown. As any piece of miniature furniture this table could be used to show new designs and inventions as well as the skill of the craftsman or workshop. The intriguing design and detailed carving would be able to serve this cause perfectly.

Published in: Raum für Objekte - Ariane Laue Kunsthandel, Kat. V - Nr. 15, München 2017