Grand Tour Model
Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence
Italy, 19th century
Alabaster, marble
H 26 cm, W 28 cm, D 40 cm

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This model of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence is a souvenir a traveller brought from his Grand Tour at the beginning of the 19th century. While the original church can be seen in Florence, the much smaller model acquired on site not only served as a private memento, but also testified to the adventures the owner had experienced and the education he had received. Typical of Grand Tour models of the time, it is made of alabaster, mounted on a marble base. However, the Santa Maria del Fiore is a is a particularly rare model, unlike more well-known motifs such as the famous Leaning Tower or the Baptistery of Pisa.

Published in: Raum für Objekte - Ariane Laue Kunsthandel, Kat. I - Nr. 5, München 2013