Model of Chiesa del Sacro Cuore
Lando Bartoli
Florence, before 1956
Wood, iron, bronze
H 66 cm

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The present model of a bell tower was created by the famous Italian architect Lando Bartoli, under whose direction the originally Victorian church Chiesa del Sacro Cuore was completely restructured. It is neither inscribed nor signed, but the architect can be verified by photographic documentation. This is Bartoli's second, alternative design for the bell tower of the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore - the first one was realized between 1956 and 1962 in Florence. Stylistically, the model is connected to the modern Italian architecture of the 1950s, when architects such as Giovanni Michelucci realised outstanding designs that still characterize the cityscape of Tuscan cities such as Florence.

Published in: Raum für Objekte - Ariane Laue Kunsthandel, Kat.V - Nr. 10, München 2017