Book recommendation: Wasser – Kunst – Augsburg

Recommendation: Wasser – Kunst – Augsburg

On the occasion of the exhibition Wasser – Kunst – Augsburg at the Maximilianmuseum Augsburg, a rich catalogue was published, which we warmly recommend to you – even though the exhibition is over by now.

On over 400 pages, the multi-faceted connection between the city of Augsburg and the element of water is presented. In 2018, Augsburg applied for the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site under the theme of hydraulic engineering and hydropower, drinking water and well construction. The exhibition website provides an overview of the numerous exhibits and gives a preview of the catalogue. Nonetheless, apart from the objects on display, the catalogue also contains about twelve scholarly essays that address particular aspects of the exhibition.

Raum für Objekte appreciated the magnificent fountain figures, but wasalso the Modellkammer: the Maximilianmuseum hosts what is probably the world’s most important collection of historical teaching models, including some hydro technical models. In his essay, Raimund Mair thus describes this unique collection and its history – a highly recommendable read.
Of course, this exhibition reminded us of our own mills, made in Germany during the eighteenth century. On the photo, your can see a detail of the wheel of our water mill – if you turn it, the millstone starts moving, grinding imaginary corn to flour.

Emmendörffer, Christoph/Trepesch, Christof (Hg.): Wasser Kunst Augsburg. Die Reichsstadt in ihrem Element, Katalog zur Ausstellung im Maximilianmuseum Augsburg, Regensburg 2018 ISBN 9-783795 433000, zu beziehen im Museum oder im lokalen Buchhandel.

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