Book recommendation: LIKE LIFE

We warmly recommend the catalogue published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art  on the occasion of the exhibition LIKE LIFE: Sculpture, Color and the Body which took place at the MET Breuer between March and July 2018.
The exhibition shows Seven hundred years of sculptural practice: sculptures made by well-known artists are shown alongside anatomical models, wax effigies and mannequins; all connected by a vivid interest in the human body and its three-dimensional depiction.  The exhibition highlights artistic strategies and techniques, points out connections and inspirations, driven by the fascination of mimicking nature.
In the catalogue essays are published alongside impressively photographed objects. We, of course, are most fascinated by the scientific models as well as the rare wax sculptures – which remind us of our own Head of Christ (Cat. VI No. 27).

Syson, Luke et. al.: Like Life.Sculpture, Color and the Body, New Haven/London 2018

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